Greg McDowall, M.A.

Special Assistant to the President

Greg McDowall earned a master's degree in international studies at the University of Central Florida, studied the development of modern Iran using a generational analytic method for his thesis. He earned his first bachelor's degree in physics and music at Rollins College, following it with a master of science in meteorology at Florida State University.......Read More.


Kari Williams, M.A.

Project Manager

Kari Williams is a cross-sector liaison connecting non-profit organizations during joint humanitarian operations.  After receiving a Masters of Non-profit Management and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from the University of Central Florida......Read More.


Leslie Bilger, B.A.

Project Manager

Leslie Bilger is a project manager at IPAC where she focuses her research on environmental issues in Central Asia. She is a recent B.A. graduate from the University of Central Florida and majored in International and Global Studies......Read More.


Olzem D. Gumus, Ph.D.

Project Manager

Dr. Ozlem D. Gumus is an associate professor of Psychology at the Yildirim Beyazit University (YBU), Department of Psychology, which she joined in 2012. Formerly, she taught at Atilim University, Department of Psychology for 7 years (2005-2012).......Read More.


Stephanie Rash, M.A.

Project Manager

Stephanie Rash specializes in international educational systems and human development analyses.  After earning a Masters of Political Science with an International Studies focus from the University of Central Florida with her thesis titled A Study of the Relationship Between Trade Liberalization and Human Development in........Read More.


Natalia Liviero, M.A.

Project Manager

Natalia Liviero completed her Master’s Degree in Global Governance at Florida International University (F.I.U.) in Miami in 2015 and her Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (U.A.D.E.) in Buenos Aires in 1999. She completed a graduate certificate in National Security Studies in 2014 and a graduate certificate in Middle Eastern Studies in 2015, both from Florida International University......Read More.



Martha Molfetas, MSc

Research Assistant

Martha Molfetas is currently a Diplomatic Writer at Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), an Associate Blogger with the Global Policy Journal, and an honorary Project Manager with IPAC. Martha’s research focuses on the intersection of environmental change, development, and conflict studies. She ......Read More.



Dominic Martin, BA

Research Assistant

Dominic Martin has a BA degree from the University of Central Florida where he majored in International and Global Studies with a double minor in Middle Eastern Studies and History. His major research focus deals with regional studies of the Middle East specifically the states of Egypt and Iran. Within this area Dominic focuses on contemporary revolutionary studies, political transition and democratization, and institutions......Read More.



Henrique Ribeiro

Project Manager

At IPAC, Henrique Ribeiro is a Project Manager and he dedicates his study to human security in Brazil. His research is on human resources through educational institutions and projects. Mr. Ribeiro also focuses on community sustainability of developing geographical regions in Brazil.......Read More.



Elaine Chamberlain

Project Manager for "Colonial Studies in the Third World."

She is a recent B.A graduate from the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida with a degree in International and Global Studies and a minor in World Comparative Politics. For her undergraduate honors thesis she studied the historical impact on microfinance within Algeria, Tunisia, and Lebanon, while comparatively analyzing the various factors that influenced the......Read More.



Omar Vera Muñiz, M.A., J.D.

Project Manager

Omar Vera Muñiz is an attorney and international consultant specializing in Civil and Constitutional Law. Mr. Vera Muñiz graduated from the Law School of Universidad de Lima, Peru, where he was awarded Summa Cum Laude for his thesis: The Crisis and the End of the Welfare......Read More.

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