Ms. Angela Gartland

Ms. Angela Gartland was born and reared in historical Richmond, Virginia where she established and led her own tax service corporation for more than decade. Angela’s professional career began in her family business. Beyond her university education, the family business experience provided Angela with a unique opportunity to engage and participate in all aspects of the successful operation of a high-volume and multiple location organization.

This experience was crucial to her development of myriad practical business skills. Moreover, Ms. Gartland improved her ability to identify personal strengths, to focus on resource maximization, to improve organizational skills, and to initiate effective institutional planning. These skills are crucial in establishing and managing her own company. These are some of the skills that Angela brings to manage the growing operations of the IPAC.

Ms. Gartland is a well-rounded manager and director, as she balances her professional commitments with an active personal life. She enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, exploring history of all sorts, and spending time with friends and family. Angela feels honored for the opportunity to employ those skills in furthering the mission of the IPAC Foundation.

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