Alexander M. Davila

Alexander M. Davila is the Director, Membership for IPAC. Mr. Davila holds two B.A. degrees, one in History and the other in International Relations from the University of Central Florida (UCF). As a standout student, he has been active in research activities at UCF concerning the Persian Gulf region. Mr. Davila is currently pursuing a graduate degree in addition to his employment at UCF. Beyond his education, he has extensive work experience, serving in positions at several different retail companies for the last 18 years, moving up into leadership positions.

As the son of an Army officer, Mr. Davila has a strong interest in the role of the military in international affairs. His other areas of interest include business and labor relations, global security, non-profit organizations, and the arts. As a future educator, Alexander hopes to make an active contribution to world by inspiring students and leading them to a greater understanding of the world at large.

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