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Recent IPAC Partnerships


2017-2018: Supporting the U.S. Fulbright Program

The IPAC Foundation is represented by Dr. Houman Sadri who was selected as a team participant in the U.S. Department of Education, the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program titled “Building Bridges with Language and Culture in Russia,” July 2017-December 2018. Dr. Alla Kourova is the Principal Investigator of this international program which aims to break cultural and humanistic barriers for building a better communication and relations between the American and Russian citizen diplomats, scholars, policymakers, and ordinary people.   


2016-Present: Standing with the Women Studies Program (UCF)

Since 2016, the IPAC Board Members and Staff have significantly supported the activities, events, and conferences of the UCF Women Studies Program which is led by Dr. M.C. Santana. IPAC and the Women Studies Program share similar strategic goals in empowering and uplifting women, since they play the major role in nurturing the next generations around the world in addition to trying to break the glass ceiling in their work environment.


2014-Present: Sponsoring the FPSA Students’ Panels

Since 2014, IPAC has established a mutually beneficial partnership with the Florida Political Science Association (FPSA). Both IPAC and FPSA share the goal of empowering and training a new generation of students (in bachelor, masters, and doctorate programs) in order to improve the quality of their research/writing and to make worthy presentation at academic conferences and professional meetings. In this regard, IPAC has had a three track policy. First, IPAC Board Members and staff have mentored hundreds of students by working on a one-to-one basis and providing comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions to improve their scholarly works. Second, the IPAC staff have organized numerous students’ panels for the FPSA conferences since 2014. In this regard, IPAC sponsored separate panels for the bachelor, masters, and doctorate degree candidates. Last but not least, the IPAC Foundation has provided funds for the best paper awards to the FPSA for selecting the students who excel in each degree category.  


2011-Present: Partnership with the UNA-USA Organization


Since its inception, the IPAC Foundation has closely worked with the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) organization to advance the three major goals of the UN: promoting peace, prosperity, and human rights. Moreover, IPAC has contributed to the activities, events, and programs of the UNA-USA Greater Orlando Chapter in the Central Florida region for both youth and adults. Finally, IPAC has worked to assist, promote, and train students at high school and college levels for the Model United National (MUN) competition and conferences. The MUN gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for using role-playing exercises and simulation to teach students about critical thinking, problem solving, and improving their communication skills. These meetings are also excellent opportunities for exchanging recent knowledge and skills for conflict resolution and peaceful settlement of disputes.


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