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IPAC International Relations Certificate Program


The International Relations Certificate (IRC) program of the IPAC Foundation provides participants with the most recent knowledge and skills necessary for success in careers in governments, businesses, NGOs, diplomacy, and decision-making institutes. Our Foundation utilizes recent research methods along with team-building and policy-making techniques for training a new generation of leaders from around the globe by giving them the opportunity to participate in real-world scenarios that are essential for developing international relations (IR) career skills. IPAC has designed a unique program that allows participants to learn core skills directly from elected officials, expert professors, business staff, scholars, and active IR professionals; participants will develop skills that they can immediately apply in their careers.   

During a two-week period (09/07/2018 - 20/07/2018), a selected group of participants will complete the IRC Program in Orlando, Florida (USA). As the theme park capital of the world, Orlando plays a significant role in international relations from organizing global events to hosting major public and private institutes which have selected Orlando as their headquarters. The members of the July 2018 program will learn about practical and theoretical challenges, United Nations mock-sessions, debates and interactive lectures designed to push each participant to new frontiers.

Numerous topics relevant to international relations, global business, and diplomacy will be covered during the two-week certificate program. In the mornings, delegates will gain knowledge and absorb skills by attending challenging university- certified classes and participating in moderated debates, and other learning scenarios. The sessions will take place in both private and public settings to provide a balanced training. Some afternoons field trips will include direct experiences at political events, campaign rallies, businesses, meet and greets, talks with congressional representatives, and tours of governmental and non-governmental agencies located in Central Florida.

 Because Brazil is Florida’s number one trade partner, connections with Florida have a great deal of significance for Brazilians. Together with the diverse Central Florida community, we will unite Brazilians and Americans to build an even stronger community of individuals who want to make a positive change in our nation and in our world.


Application Dates for IPAC I.R.C Program


Registration Period

Present- March 11, 2018

Interview Period:

March 12-25, 2018

Accepted Application Roll-Out:

April 1, 2018

Discounted Accommodation & IPAC Program Early Bird Information


Discounted Accommodation

  IPAC is able to give advice on locations throughout Central Florida for accommodations, entertainment, shopping, food and more. Fortunately we are able to offer participating delegates a discounted price on accommodations for the entire two-week certificate program.


Discounted Accommodation per week

$USD 356.00 / week @ Crestwood Suits



IPAC Program Early Bird Information

Participants who make their first payment of $USD 300 towards their Minimum Service Fees contribution and who apply for the program before December 31st will be discounted from the overall Minimum Service Fees contribution.


Before December 31st Total:

$USD 2,200

After December 31st Total:

$USD 2,500



The events calendar is tentative and subject to change due to circumstances outside of the control of the IPAC directors.


 Week 1

Monday July 9th, 2018

International Relations Day

On the first day after the welcoming ceremony,  former US diplomat and professor of diplomacy, Dr. Bruce Farcau, will discuss important areas of international relations, diplomacy, and democracy and how these areas have influenced the world of yesterday and today. Dr. Farcau is an experienced diplomat and author of several books, journals and articles. Farcau will share his knowledge of diplomacy and his extensive expertise; he will discuss how diplomacy has changed throughout the course of history.

Tuesday July 10th, 2018

American Government and Media Day

With all the recent unprecedented events in the American political system, the world is often speculative about the future of America’s role as supreme world leader. Professor Mark Logus will address the different dynamics the United States has been facing domestically with the recent elections and, the media and other dynamics within the national political discourse. Later in the day, there will be a visit to Congressman Carlos Guillermo Smith’s office to observe how American politicians operate in practice.


Wednesday July 11th, 2018

Intercultural Communication Day

Intercultural Communication Day will feature Dr. Madelyn Flammia, co-author of the book Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges. Professor Flammia will engage the delegation by going over new approaches to intercultural communication, citizen diplomats, and diplomacy, and methods of international cooperation.  Dr. Flammia will detail how a mindful approach to the study of intercultural and international communication is an important skill in international relations, and is, in fact, the future of I.R.  This day will focus on understanding different perspectives of international relations in relationship with global challenges and issues of soft power, international conflict/cooperation and the role of a citizen diplomat in the 21st Century.


Thursday July 12th, 2018

Florida Politics Day

The State of Florida is politically unique in many different ways due to its demographics, tourism, and other historical factors. Many of these factors indicate that Florida provides a valuable view into the future of American Domestic politics and elections. Professor Aubrey Jewett will explain how the future of Florida will have an impact on the political development in the U.S.

Interesting details on how the growing Diasporas and the cultural diversity in the State are providing a promising future for many industries and areas of study, such as International Relations, will be covered. Later in the day, participants will travel to meet elected officials and political figures from Florida, including senators, the mayor and candidates for upcoming elections.

Friday July 13th, 2018

United Nations Association USA Day

For the United Nations Association USA Day there will be an important event where participants will showcase their skills in diplomacy, conflict resolution and critical thinking in a mock session of the UN Security Council. Delegates will have the opportunity to earn big points towards IPAC Scholarships. In the morning, participants will be briefed on how the mock session works and how they can prepare to perform during this event. Each delegate will represent a UN Security Council country.  The event will take place at the University of Central Florida. Participants should wear appropriate business attire. 



Weekend Trips

Saturday July 14th, 2018

Beach Resort Activities and Dinner

Delegates will be given the opportunity to travel with the IPAC President and Program Director to visit a resort style condominium and enjoy beach activities, sauna, pools, and dinner at the beautiful Florida Atlantic Coast on Saturday July 14th. Transportation will be provided.


Sunday July 15th, 2018

Disney World Theme Park

Delegates will be provided the opportunity to purchase discounted Disney tickets for Sunday July 15th. Transportation to the park will be provided.


Week 2

Monday July 16th, 2018

Macro and Micro Economics Day

Harvard economics graduate Ugo Ukam will dive into the world of economics as the basis for the American dream. To begin to understand the influence of the Dollar in the world, on the Macro and Micro Economics Day Professor Okam will talk about the future of currency in relation to crypto-currencies and the international financial markets. This presentation will be a great way to understand how the United States is at the frontline of this international monetary and currency transition.

TuesdayJuly 17th, 2018

International Political Economy Day

International Political Economy Day will highlight how the world of politics merges with the world of business. Mr. Michael McNull, former US Embassy Economic Official will provide an in-depth analysis of today’s international economic dynamics while exposing delegates to new approaches for understanding the complexities of our international political economic system.

Mr. McNull will relay his expert perspective on the United States' role in developing a more equal and prosperous international economic system. The last part of the International Political Economy Day will consist of a visit to the National Entrepreneur Center and the US Commerce Department. 

WednesdayJuly 18th, 2018 

IPAC Project Presentation Day

During the I.R.C Program there is an assigned project that will require skills essential to the international relations professional.  The project will require delegates to demonstrate their ability to research and think critically. On this day delegates will present their projects.  This event will provide the last opportunity to earn big points towards IPAC Scholarships.   


Thursday July 19th, 2018

 Career Development and Special Counseling Day:

For the Career Development and Special Counseling Day, participants will have the opportunity to advance their career plans and learn more about how they can continue their education here in the United States. There will be education experts, international relations scholars and career professionals advising participants and helping them understand how to be prepared for the next step in their careers, whatever that may be. They will have the opportunity to explore where they would like to be in the next five years ten years. Mock interviews will be provided. Participants should bring their resumes and wear appropriate business attire.

Friday July 20th, 2018

Graduation Ceremony and Scholarship Awards

During the graduation ceremony delegates will have an honorary guest speaker followed by the awards ceremony where participants will receive the IPAC International Relations Certificate and the top three IPAC Scholarships will be presented.





Recent IPAC Collaborations




Representing the IPAC Foundation, Dr. Houman Sadri was an invited guest presenter at four academic and research institutes in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, and Hungary in November and December 2017. During these visits, he provided workshops about the new sources of conflicts as well as prudent methods and policies of responding to threats in the 21st Century.


IPAC representative Henrique Ribeiro has partnered with the SESI (Social Service Initiative) project and the IMN (Instituto Mundo Novo) organization with social and human development in Brazil. SESI provides mobile task-force service centers for social and legal assistance in disadvantaged communities throughout Brazil. IMN is a non-profit organization that works with rural families from the city of Mesquita in Rio de Janeiro to provide educational and cultural development programs for children and teens. IPAC has exchanged knowledge in how to advance the efforts of these programs and has also exchanged research and best practices in the area of social sciences.

IPAC has also participated in the grant writing certificate program through the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership.


In November and December, Houman Sadri served as the invited guest speaker in three international gatherings of young leaders and scholars in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. These international gatherings of hundreds of known and new international scholars and administrators provided an excellent opportunity for exchange of the most recent ideas and skills regarding conflict resolution, peaceful settlement of disputes, and peace studies.    



IPAC representative Mr. Ribeiro traveled to the rural indigenous Kalunga Community in the State of Goiás to study the recent popularity of this small community of Brazilian Native Indians. The Brazilian Federal Government has recently proclaimed the Kalunga land to be categorized as a National Preservation Site and also a National Patrimony. This means that tourism and eco-tourism to the region has increased at levels dangerous to the bio-diversity and preservation of wildlife. IPAC has researched this community and identified solutions to challenges facing the Kalunga Community while opening the dialogue on this issue.


Another point of research has been Projeto Ruas (Project Streets), which engages, educates, supports and connects individuals living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. IPAC has collaborated with the project’s founders to talk about the social issues affecting the most vulnerable members of society, which are the homeless.



IPAC representative researched the influence of the Brazilian main stream media in the development of public opinion, political institutions, social welfare programs and large scale international events. An analysis was done that identified challenges the Brazilian democratic system currently faces, and several recommendation on how to empower news and journalist channels not considered the main stream media. This study of the Brazilian mainstream media focused on identifying solutions on how to increase the diversity of information going out to the general public while making the public aware of other sources for news and information. 



Recent IPAC Partnerships


2017-2018: Supporting the U.S. Fulbright Program

The IPAC Foundation is represented by Dr. Houman Sadri who was selected as a team participant in the U.S. Department of Education, the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program titled “Building Bridges with Language and Culture in Russia,” July 2017-December 2018. Dr. Alla Kourova is the Principal Investigator of this international program which aims to break cultural and humanistic barriers for building a better communication and relations between the American and Russian citizen diplomats, scholars, policymakers, and ordinary people.   


2016-Present: Standing with the Women Studies Program (UCF)

Since 2016, the IPAC Board Members and Staff have significantly supported the activities, events, and conferences of the UCF Women Studies Program which is led by Dr. M.C. Santana. IPAC and the Women Studies Program share similar strategic goals in empowering and uplifting women, since they play the major role in nurturing the next generations around the world in addition to trying to break the glass ceiling in their work environment.


2014-Present: Sponsoring the FPSA Students’ Panels

Since 2014, IPAC has established a mutually beneficial partnership with the Florida Political Science Association (FPSA). Both IPAC and FPSA share the goal of empowering and training a new generation of students (in bachelor, masters, and doctorate programs) in order to improve the quality of their research/writing and to make worthy presentation at academic conferences and professional meetings. In this regard, IPAC has had a three track policy. First, IPAC Board Members and staff have mentored hundreds of students by working on a one-to-one basis and providing comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions to improve their scholarly works. Second, the IPAC staff have organized numerous students’ panels for the FPSA conferences since 2014. In this regard, IPAC sponsored separate panels for the bachelor, masters, and doctorate degree candidates. Last but not least, the IPAC Foundation has provided funds for the best paper awards to the FPSA for selecting the students who excel in each degree category.  


2011-Present: Partnership with the UNA-USA Organization

Since its inception, the IPAC Foundation has closely worked with the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) organization to advance the three major goals of the UN: promoting peace, prosperity, and human rights. Moreover, IPAC has contributed to the activities, events, and programs of the UNA-USA Greater Orlando Chapter in the Central Florida region for both youth and adults. Finally, IPAC has worked to assist, promote, and train students at high school and college levels for the Model United National (MUN) competition and conferences. The MUN gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for using role-playing exercises and simulation to teach students about critical thinking, problem solving, and improving their communication skills. These meetings are also excellent opportunities for exchanging recent knowledge and skills for conflict resolution and peaceful settlement of disputes.






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